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stranger in a strange land

ok...I'm writing to you from my new mac mini - i really did it! :)

I need a scanner to be able to share the drawings, diagrams, tables, notes, and whatnot - all I know it was love at first sight and there really wasn't any turning back :P

it's been an interesting experience adjusting to the mac paradigm but I'm no stranger to macintosh - the first time I used a mac was back around 1986 in my hometown, Ramsey (new Joisey!) - when my next door neighboors, the Brozes, introduced me to the mac classic! Little did I know that 5 years later, I'd be at Carnegie Mellon manning mac computer labs for the school of Humanities and Social Sciences as my work-study option for 4 years! (a big thanks to Matt for helping get such a multi-faceted education!)

So once I stepped into my professional work life, I got into today's multi-platform world and pretty much focused on learning how to get Windows and UNIX machines to chat with each other effectively for the next 6 years. I then somehow fell off the UNIX horse and went hardcore Windows once I became an independent consultant and 4 years later, it's good to be back in familiar turf again! though, I must admit- it's pseudo-familiar - the platform has done a 180 on me thus why I'm still adjusting!

This note is not another platform war but rather a desire to just get the infrastructure we call the Internet to cooperate - and more fundamentally the people using it (ie. you and me) to collaborate in a way that you're all chatting [and creating] about the things you love in life and not so much about the technology you're using (the caveat being for the technologists who have quite the recursive job - ahem excuse my language!)

Over the wkd, I officially sanctioned this machine to be part of Dance Labs - I didn't want to make my first complete desktop purchase to be all bout IT. The other side of me just wants to acknowledge that's just who I've been - Mr. IT. It's like an inner battle inside of me - the identity to put forth in the world - esp being out here in Thailand - many of you can't see me and to be honest, it's possible we may never cross paths again (heh...I think about the movie Big Fish - I love Burton! and in case this is the last time we connect - know I'm always with you in spirit and that I love you!) Thus, the Internet becomes a big canvas to paint on and create with - so why not see what one can do with a mac mini and more fundamentally, what the mac mini community can create?

ok..this is all I want to say for now - I hope this is a way for some of you listening out there to see not only how deep I've gotten into technology all these years, the kinds of conversations that go through my head, and at the end of the day, I'm human just like you and I'm busy pulling myself out of the technology box to learn to be a good ole technology user!

ok..got lots to do this week - it's time to really give it a boot! (sheesh, you techno-geeks out there know this is a bad pun!)

ps. I've read Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlein - if you've read this book and wanna chat bout it - please do! I don't feel I got the entire essence of the book and wanna share thoughts.
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fun fun fun...

I'm addicted to market research...catching up on what's been happenin in the Internet world and in particular how the whole mac community has transformed! When you've been using computers since you were 8, a PC purchase that is over 10% what one makes kinda makes ya feel like a kid again...believe me! however, I must add my dad gave me a computer as an unexpected gift whereas now - i'm trying to create something new inside this kid mentality - thanks dad! :)

So I have tons and tons of mac-related URLs and thought this article I read today captures an essence of what I'm up to - it really speaks to the deep-down command-line TRS-80 roots! Things are looking quite good so far - the discussion thread attached to the article is great!

To you geeks out there - I just found out you can install FC4 (a popular flavor of Linux) today and this is great news - long live UN*X in all it's cantations whether it's Tiger or Linux!

A big thanks to those of you who've been chatting with me, helping me sorts out my options - some of you are tempting me to get an iBook!!!
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could it be true?

Chin's considering buying a mac this week! in fact - a mac mini! not only is it so irresistably cute, it appears to be so incredibly powerful after several days of hardcore research as to what it can do out of the box!

I actually read through the *whole* Apple website and wow - aside from the top 10 reasons to switch marketing fluff, the Mac OS X new features section has lots of meat and really convinced this is the way to go now that I am looking to replace (ahem - reinvent!) my ole Thinkpad!

What's really confronting is it questions my profession and what I really want to do for a living here in Thailand - to be honest, my professional work is sooooooooooo much inside the Windows (aka. Bill Gates) realm that it has me not want to jump the gun too too fast...perhaps all there is to do is get my paper mache Thinkpad created this week (like i've been talking about for quite a number of years now), pay respects to my laptop this saturday when the man burns and see who/what shows up at my doorstop on the 5th! ;-)

time will tell - this is gonna be a fun week and a big hello in the spirit world to all you burners heading out this wkd!!!!

ps. the fact I may disillusioned (are we all?) invites anyone to debate against the Mac OS X platform below this week - I'm ready and armed so watch out! :P
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craaaaaaaazie day!

i just spent the last *19* (yes, you read correctly - nineteen) hours working! of course i took breaks and all (prolly 3-4 hr total) but it was pretty solid going overall. I woke up and got possessed to just start workin at 2:30 in the morning and haven't really stopped since!

the funny thing about it is (1) i feel fine (2) i'm really happy I completed the one commitment I wrote on my calendar (3) the one commitment I was expecting by tomorrow came in not too long ago as mistakenly written on my calendar - kinda neat aye? :)

so half of me wants to admit i'm a workaholic - the other side says it's just fun - i just LOVE to organize conversation bits into a cohesive framework and make sense of it all - i can't share the map i just made cuz it's confidential - rest assured, i'll share one when i create one for my baby! :)

ok...needless to say - it's time to go to bed - this is my bedtime anyways and let's see if i wake up at the crack of dawn again - excited about life! =)
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technology catch up

ok gang - I *finally* have my last set of photos from the ancient year of 2003 on the web! The good news and why sometimes it's a good idea to be a lazy ass with regards to the Internet - is the technology has a good way of catching up on you - I've been playing with Yahoo!'s flickr and really like it so far - it's neat and i'm impressed! the whole idea that my child will be able to browse his own life photos titled, tagged, commented, streamed, you name it is really inspiring - something all us thirty-somethings never had while growing up!

ok...so nuff chit chat n let's get onto the goods:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/chinarut (thumbnails)


ps. our baby is arriving in t-minus 51 days and we can't get buying a new camera outta our heads! if anybody wants to support us capturing the first moments of our baby's life and has any recommendations to share around digital ultra-compacts or even wants to argue against our instincts to get a Canon ixus/elph...your share is really welcome below!
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yet another year!

Some of you are asking how my birthday went and figure I might as well share with everyone :)

My birthday was quite low-key to say the least - thanks to all of ya who called and sent emails - a special thanks to my girlfriend, Morn, who just gave me a really relaxing weekend overall - a wkd to just ponder, think, and reflect on life (as if I don't do this enough!) I think the best moment was going shopping for groceries, getting home - energized to keep moving and all the sudden, waking up to my body and honestly shutting down and taking a nap while Morn made dinner. I say the best moment cuz I realized that I get so caught in the mode of DOING and it takes me away from myself - the fact that I need to chill and take a rest! So I have to say - thanks to everyone for asking me to go out here and there - and thanks for not pushing me and having me get myself for my birthday!

That said, I'm going to bring whatever this present was from life into my week - for those who don't know, I am showing up as a professor today! ok..well..almost..that's the vision :) I've been invited to be a guest speaker for a group of master's students in project management today. I'll save you excruciating details and honestly, had no qualms working over my birthday wkd putting the finishing touches on my presentation. I don't know what to expect and Morn just tells me all I need to do is just BE and give up worrying about it - just share myself and not be so concerned about content - which is basically what Dr. Pasit, if you're listening - thanks for giving me this opportunity!

ok..it's obviously time for me to get dressed (no, i'm not in my birthday suit!) and start my day - top of the morning to those of you in Thailand - GOOD MORNING BANGKOK! ;-)
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can't fathom what's in store for me!

ok...I'm going to make this post short n sweet - for all of ya that have been so great at keeping in touch with me online - my laptop is having some serious issues (i think it might be mad at me for abusing it so much) and after 4 long years - it may be time to put it to bed! :-o

this is all quite timely cuz many of you know i've had the dream to throw my laptop into the fire (ok..paper mache one for all your environmentalists) to symbolize letting go of my computer life and choosing a new profession. well...the man burns in 32 days...could it be a dream come true?

i'll leave it up to the universe to decide...go take the oath!


you won't regret it! ;-)
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a new life is born

ok this blog is dedicated to my friend, marlene, whom i just got a chance to catch up with in thailand last nite for the first time - so if you're listenin - sawadee ka! :) marlene and i have known each other for over 25 years through our family and after missing each other last year (that's how well *uninformed* my friends are that I'm in Thailand!), we got a chance to meet up and it was really trippy just catching up in new terrority (Thailand) yet feel like things feel so familiar like we were just hanging out in Manhattan like good ole days!

Some of you probably don't know I was born in Manhattan - a city Marlene's lived her whole life and a city I just barely know after leaving there for joisey (yes, that's what we call it) when i was just 4. I had aspirations for living in NYC and hittin the big city and little did i know my life was going to take a big turn and create the big apple here in Bangkok ;)

now now, there's more to here than just recreating the big apple and that's where the fun begins, I've been really busy recreating all kinds of cultural influences from America here. Some professional from my experiences in engineering and sales at multi-nationals. Some territorial like the whole silicon valley and SF experience (I miss *all* you guys out there!) and others just plain out there like transformation (big announcement: our Landmark Education Bangkok center just opened up last week!) and the zany wacky experiences I've gotten from applying my transformational education at Burning Man, a place that is an open canvas, an experiment that anyone can cause a miracle to happen!

So last night was no exception, I'm convinced all this culture fused in their own way - present themseleves in really cool ways! A big props up the the Specialist, a resident drum n bass DJ that gave me an experience of my life at Astra last nite! I will never hear drum and bass the same way again - I was really gettin my groove on and I swear, sometimes I think I'm possessed cuz my body starts moving in ways I really didn't anticipate - it felt god damn good (pls excuse my language for any who are offended)!

Leaves me thinking - I've never seen myself dance - can't wait but also scared! What happens if I don't quite look like the dancer I've always wanted to be - what if it just looks awkward and I have years and years of refinement to do? ha..what am I thinking - how much more fun could life be? :)

ok..today's Dance Labs day and pretty much on my own today unless I get surprise visitors in the afternoon - it's been an interesting choice whether to be behind my computer for the purpose of sharing what's happening vs getting busy doing some busy busy work (like getting Dance Labs incorporated!) or just kinda hanging out in the spirit of Dance Labs - just let things be - with nowhere to go!

So I'm going to do just that - no computer work for me today - I'm gonna just take a chance to relax and enjoy the new world I've created - this is *always* what happens the day after spontaneous combustion happens on the dance floor - it's so hard to describe - I could just write forever!

oh..and a big hello (and soon to be goodbye!) to Jay out there - a dude i met at a cool lil house party through my friend graham who already leaving this monday - we're gonna miss ya!