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Life is an exploration

Jun. 8th, 2004 05:10 pm feeling like driftwood...life goes where it goes!

Saw this quote today:

"When two people love each other, they don’t look at each other. They look in the same direction." — Ginger Rogers

Hello! Thanks to all of you who've been kind to send me e-mail and cheer me up...I've read them all and doing my best to address many of your comments and questions in this post. If I don't manage to...let me know..I'm still learning!

My back is better than 2 weeks ago though the sensations in my back are rather persistent. It's a bit of a yo-yo as I have days that feel great and I'm out and about, seeing the doctor and getting errands done. I decided to stop by work today and it's going to be a task to convert my 40 hr/week vision to whatever works best. There is a big disjoint between my vision of being available anytime, anywhere, supporting an organization and what's so right now - taking care of myself and chanelling energy towards myself. I am being creative and finding people at work willing to play a new game with is really comforting! We'll see what happens...it's kinda exciting and inspiring!

I made a choice to discover the most natural way to heal myself and this to me means "not now" to western medicine in the form of pharmaceticials, injections, etc. As a result, I find myself lost amongst a myriad of doctors and healthcare specialists. I'm glad to say that I've chosen a doctor and going through accupucture. I committed to complete the series and see what happens. Now what my mind thinks during this process is completely something else! It's making a difference and I now have to take steps to strengthen my back. Swimming is what the doctor orders and looking for some rigorous PT if it makes sense. Anything I can complete in the comfort of my own home is ideal. I am going through some diet changes and eating meat again after giving it up for 6 months. Part of me likes it and part of me doesn't! For the time being, I'm looking to address my 5 kg weight loss over the past 6 months via a balanced diet and regular exercise.

I'm looking for a health advisor/coach in Bangkok right now. Someone who is responsible for overseeing my well being and interfacing me to healthcare professionals. Ideally this person is bi-lingual in Thai and English. This person would be responsible for providing choices and empowering me to make my own choice in the end. I've had some time with myself and brainstormed some ideas if you'd like to engage in a conversation.

I want to take a moment and thank, Morn, a wonderful friend who's devoted herself to supporting me during this time. We've never spent so much time together before and she's been wonderful in helping me do what it takes to be well. I particularly want to thank her for her patience at a time I find I get easily get frustrated! It's a learning experience to say the least!

A few of you seem to be quite surprised that I've made a choice to go offline...yes...my brain is still dealing with it myself! I go through challenges everyday thinking about how I can bridge the gap of my life fully connected with wonderful friends all over the world and being creative about being offline. I tell myself much of this world is exactly this and it's time to give it a try considering I started programming at 8! I truly acknowledge what's possible being online and it continually creates new opportunities everywhere I go including taking leadership in collaboration at my current workplace which is taking it's own flavor given current conditions!

A few of you are asking how to call me: dial 011-66-2-428-4488, when you hear a thai lady speaking, just dial 4-0-7. I've been using Thaitel.com (sorry..don't knw how to do hyperlinks yet..I'm ancient!) for well over 2 yrs and suggest going this route if you're looking for an inexpensive way to call me. Just so you know, it costs about 3x as much to call you (if you are outside Thailand) that it does to call me! This is a continual shock to me considering on average, Thai people (including me) make 4-10x less given the same occupation. The system works and discovering the sacrifice you make is globalism - travelling, communication, for example.

I was asked for my current mailing address:

Smile Mansions :)
675/4-7 Pracha-U-Thit Road 45
Bangmod, Thungkru
Bangkok 10140 THAILAND
+66 (2) 428-4488 x407

You bet I'm staying put for awhile...my apt is really easy to find if you are in the area...please do drop by if you have the opportunity and say hello!

okey doke...I think this is enough for now...I really shouldn't be typing to the point my back starts to get sore....I have a commitment to be in communication and love you all...I gotta get back to loving myself!

I have a personal update to send to y'all...it requires a revision and look forward to sending it out when I'm best able! This proves to be a good time to just focus on sharing while I spend much time in my bed!


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Date:July 4th, 2006 01:50 am (UTC)


inspired to comment on my main thread here:


it was quite the toss up to create a "branch" 2 yrs back (ie. continue the thread) or to add to the "trunk", let go of the past, put this ptr in, and move on! ha..ha...I suppose this is what a geek in the SCM world (yours truly) would call merging! :D