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outta the closet

no - i'm not gay - however i know there are some of you out there that think i am - u know who you are! :D

i haven't posted to this blog in ages - in fact i haven't posted since by birthday went by on Aug 12th so happy birthday to me!

so what really happened is i just kinda felt bummed out about things and me being the silly human i am - just didn't think i had anything to share even though that's just how life is!  [whoa - i just checked my journal and there are 5 private entries - dare i just expose my life and make em all public?   i tried to write - really!]

well - life has gone through it's trials and tribulations and really happy to share that Dance Labs really started whizzing by at light speed at the end of August!   In fact, the night of the burn - we had our very first dance experiment for kids!   you can read more about it in our dancelabs community journal - i just posted there yesterday (go check out our video!) not to mention i come outta the box more often in my Dance Labs suit :)

anyhoo - one of the reasons i'm posting now is this discovery that LJ is not my first blog to the despair of many of your LJ loyalists - however, I am most loyal to posting updates here and just want you to know there is this thing called Blogspot...ahem...I mean Blogger - I started my blogspot back in 2002 and rereading my first entries - what the hell was going through my head?!?

well - thanks to Google - blogger is out of beta and works decently well now but not enough to want to dump LJ.   However I am getting a bit ticked off about the changes they've made to the RTF editor in this update journal page - it is slooooooow!    so i hope LJ gets it's act together and at the very least, give us a checkbox to get our ole fashioned editor back cuz i was damn happy with it not to mention blogspot's new editor is now putting you to shame!

point of the matter is my blogspot still lives on in it's own context - it's always been a bit of a playground, with lots of techno talk, experimenting with just about every someodd website or software that gets born every minute that sports a feature to post to my blog.   I think it suffices to say my playful self is in that blog and who knows, maybe some of you will prefer that blog over this one or even demand that I bring that way of beingness to this blog cuz my tone has gotten somewhat bit dry over my years in Thailand (ironically enough) - right?   now that my professional face (ie. my life and blood) is now dedicated to Dance Labs and I've sprouted my not-for-profit efforts with my first website design for the Amana Media Initiative - I can give up looking good in this neck of the woods!

ok - it's gettin late and crazy me pulled an all nighter last nite for absolutely no reason at all (i was up for a total of 29 hrs before taking a 6 hr "nap") - I'll be a happy camper to get up at the crack of dawn if i hit the hay now.   however, I will say I'm reading this kick ass book called Cultural Creatives and only have 50 pgs before I start sharing about the culture I'm committed to inventing (which very much has to do with Dance Labs of course!) - more on this later... there are some of you out there that don't even know this blog exists and it's been over 5 years since I've been in touch so a big hello in the spirit world!
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