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call anyone in Thailand for free

they did it again! the world of ICT has flipped upside yet again - empowering us folks around to connect with each other and encouraging us to actually talk to each other rather than email each other as we've taken for granted over the past 15 years!

Michael Roberton gives a really great account on how you can supposedly call the pope

I have yet to try an extended with anyone over Gizmo and can say I tried calling myself (yes, I get that bored) on my cell phone and it really worked - I heard my own greeting message and when I got up this morning to listen to it - it wasn't perfect but quite usable! I suspect a real-time call would sound even better given my experience with Skype.

so it's time to drop that keyboard and start callin people - essentially a wake up call (ahem - no pun intended) to get back to basics Alexander Graham-style!

here's more info on what ya gotta do

what's the catch - umm...yes, there's no free lunch - stay conscious and you can get around lots of marketing ploys and work the system - we do live in a free world full of choice right? ;)

oh - I'm about halfway through a book called Coercion by Rushkoff - it's great so far - I'll never see a mall the same way ever again - the design of Paramus Park, the mall my parents went to while I grew up in New Jersey completely unfolded in front on me!

have a goood wkd and ta ta for now!
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