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globalization vs self

[dear LJ community: please excuse any lack of participation in your blogs - I'm doing my best to keep up the LJ spirit during this time!]

I just read an old post I wrote 2 years ago and wow - a lot has happened in 2 years!

Over the years as I talk to friends and family - many see Thailand as the good life and paradise - well - that I'm sure it is when you're visiting the country and it's a whole other story to work here! [don't get me wrong - a lot is possible here!]   However I don't necessarily agree with sacrifices on the "globalism" front I mentioned 2 years ago - life here is quite global - so much so I realize I begin to lose touch with my fellow Thais every so often.   So I'm really grateful the Asia Commons came into my view to keep me focused on this continent! :)

Qualify of Life (QoL) is a mixed bag in many respects - it really works provided you choose to be healthy, exercise, eat well, and have a commitment to well being.

So a quick bulleted update before I begin the day:
  • still seeking to look in the same direction as folks :)
  • my back is much better - still dealing with general soreness.  I decided to make yesterday a 1/2 in the office and it felt great - only issue is I kept on working - doh!
  • instead of being just in my bed, I spent what probably seems like an ungodly amount of time in my apartment and Thonburi - it's nice to settle down to some degree - I do my best to get outta the house so thanks for all of you who encourage me - you know who you are!
  • I don't have a health coach in Bangkok but I did find a colleague of mine I met at a communication course who is a health coach in Malaysia!  she's a really great person with a great listening for me and requested I complete a "wellness wheel" something I want to get done today.
  • Morn and I went through quite the journey together - we're no longer together and as some of you know, we almost (and didn't) have a baby.  We're still really good friends and pursuing a new relationship with each other and inquiring into what's possible - it's how we met in the first place!
  • I'm probably more online than ever and seeking to balance it.  I tend to avoid IM like the plague as some of you notice in favor of voice.  I need your support to let me walk around, lie down, sit down, do whatever I need to do to keep moving.  My long term vision is to be dancing around the world not in front of my computer ya know ;)
  • I'm starting to shift my communications from email to community forums and spaces (more about current trend).  It's a long transition after being ingrained in email for well over 15 years.  I'm happy it's happening - I've successfully turned off email notifications for most of the community spaces I'm in and really have to thank the Omidyar Network for designing something that really seems to work in the area of collaboration - in particular, giving one the ability to oversee a broad number of conversations, contexts, projects, communities without having to leave the space (ie. jump to another website).  The other side perks for you recent change junkies- it encapsulates notifications at different levels which I find really nice.
  • it's no longer expensive for me to call people - in fact, I have complete freedom to call almost anyone I want during the day (5am-5pm)!  DTAC decided to give me this "happy buffet" program that allows me to call anyone in thailand (not just Bangkok!) at a flat fee of 299 baht/month - that's UD$7.50!  hook that up with Skype which let's me call the states and europe for 1 baht (2 cents/minute) and I never look back - it's been a godsend!  now to work on giving myself more freedom to calling peeps at night...and staying productive doing the knowledge work I have to get done!
  • thanks to volunteering for the Burning Man Project, it's been fun playing around with conference calls - trying to make it work.  I just recently decided to create a "party line" amongst middle school buddies I've been out of touch with for years - that was great!   now the only thing missing is the chips and beer :P
  • SMS works rather well if you want to page me: +6617138620  be happy to call you back if I'm near a computer - I'm not quite at the point where I can make international calls from my cell phone - I'm working on it - coming soon ;)
okey doke - time to take a short break before I start the day - I'm really excited about chatting with the wikiindex folks this morning!

ps. this pending "mass email update" thing keeps nagging me - I think I'd be much happier if I didn't have to worry about it and use this blog - I don't feel like I could possibility miss anyone with this being public! :)   That said, If you prefer I send you email updates, please let me know and we'll get creative!
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