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choice: divergence or convergence? - Life is an exploration

Jul. 1st, 2006 10:49 am choice: divergence or convergence?3 comments - Leave a commentPrevious Entry Share Next Entry


Date:July 3rd, 2006 01:17 pm (UTC)

from Ross Mayfield...

Just read this:

"The use of multiple modes takes some adjustment, in dealing with interruptions, multi-tasking and loci of attention"..."younger generations who grow up with IM may not have this problem."

The last statement I can totally attest to after watching one of my little brother's friends manage 10 individual IM windows at once a few years ago - it was quite impressive!

This reminds me of my recent experience with the Asia Commons:

"Wiki pages provide persistent focus for conversations. Often times ad hoc groups form around an issue and gather to communicate. Talk is cheap and transforming it into action is one of the greatest challenges. Transforming a social network conversation into a creative network action is best supported by a wiki pledge page for collaboration. Individuals can easily refactor and organize personal views of creative and social network resources for their own productivity."

You bet your *ss it's challenging to steward communities just starting to embrace the wiki paradigm!