Chinarut (chinarut) wrote,

Dance Innovator is reborn

ok - this is quick post to let everyone know that I've chosen to give up being alone and take on sharing Dance Labs as if it's my life.   It has been a vision that has woken me up every day this week and there is no doubt in my mind it's still alive.  In fact, it didn't take very long to realize just like riding a bike, you just get on it and viola! :)

So from now on, I will be posting "Dance Innovation News" to our dancelabs community journal.    Not to worry - I will continue to post here occasionally so I don't firehose y'all with our dance explorations - all I can do is encourage ya to tune into the prescribed channel and whatever you do, don't stop dancin! :P

Tags: awakening, community, dance, possibility, sharing

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