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another wkd bites the dust

I've been a wee bit out of touch with respect to sharing here on my journal - part of it is i'm in a bind around whether this is a personal or professional blog (see the eclectic mix of entries below) and part of me realizes life is just life so what's the difference!   anyhoo - I'm really happy to be back in the conversation around Dance Labs again - this is clearly my driving force in life thanks to countless people!   I thought I'd share an email I wrote to some friends in Bangkok after a wkd outing - I'm clearly confronting [ie. in the present] how challenging it is to keep dancing living the life I love!

ok - a big thanks to everyone for helpin me stay in the conversation around dance and gettn my ass outta the house - y'all sure beat me up in regards to "what is Dance Labs?" and ok ok - i'm workin as fast i can god dammit! at least it's fun answering your questions :)

to those of you who made chicks rock - it sounds like you guys had a good time at the blue's bar - my bad for not goin up to the door and just tellin ya we were at the bar and lettin ya know many of us weren't in the mood to drink booze and weren't feelin the vibe. at the end of the day, I wasn't lookin at the brighter side looking out for ways to just make it work. it was easier to just avoid it (ie. walk away) and that kinda sucks!

what i can share now is we're really excited to put another dinner gig together and create a "dance circuit" around RCA - we were pretty amazed to see RCA changing so fast and find a lil trance bar in the middle of hip hop haven and TimeOut was actually pretty impressive with their layout and the house scene they're pushin - it sooooooooooooo reminds me of San Francisco! (yes, we're including the Universe, the biggest gay club in SF - we never doubted their taste in house all the times we've went!)

okey doke - there are some others of ya that apparently aren't in bangkok or perhaps never made it out so you could be with family and/or do more work. more power to ya!

time for me to eat lunch so have a good week and we'll connect real soon!


ps. i'm cross postin this to my journal - it's a been a long ass time - double thx! :)
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