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Life is an exploration

May. 19th, 2006 11:18 pm reinvention is work - yet fulfilling!

ok - i debated whether i should comment to my own thread and realized I, the blogger, am the main thread! :D

I wrote up town hall notes for the community and spent most of day organizing my thoughts around Second Life and writing Philip a nice followup note which led to sharing this vision with him:

You dance away to your favorite music and it feels so good.   You love it when you're dancing alone.   Another dancer steps into your space and for a moment, a tinge of shyness comes over you.   But wait - you're an avitar and you're still alone in real life!   You give up that thought and keep dancing free in your self-expression - uncontrolled by the judgement of others.   You dance like nobody's watching.   What's so is they do see you and they absolutely love it.   You continue to interact in-world and you play with dance moves - you mirror each other - it's just like this in real life!   So you keep in touch and choose to meetup on a dance floor in real life.   You both discover a connection unreal - individually and then as partners.   You've found a partner you may explore every aspect of your life together: business, dancing, career, well being, you name it - you come to the realization and look each other in the eye that you are dance partners for life.
Enjoy - it's time for me to get some winks and just relax and chill out tmrw!  it's been a great week - close one door, open many others - thanks 4 the reminder g! ;-)

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