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My Second Life

ok - I clearly feel a bit nuts for being online at this hour - it's 4:30 AM!  Getting up at this hour is not really all that abnormal for me - I actually like it and it's my intention every night to go to bed by 10 PM (yes, in my younger years, I clearly made fun of folks like myself and now I get it!)

Evonne was cool to tell me about the Town Hall with Philip Linden (aka Philip Rosedale).    I told myself if I was up at this hour, I'd go - well - I went to sleep at around 11pm and I promptly got up at 3:45 AM, did some stretching and feel great!   the event is going to on in about 1/2 hour - it's only 3pm for you folks in California ;-)

okey doke - I had better jump in-world - I'm really excited to hear the CEO of Linden Lab speak and give my inspiration to be an International Liaison some umph.   I applied for the position and didn't make the cut and nothing's going to stop a vision to bring "virtual dancing" alive.   We're not talking about Komami's Dance Dance Revolution here folks - we're talking full blown, you can see me dance on this nice wood floor I have in my office here in Thailand anywhere in the world!

I am very well aware the virtual world sheds many barriers for many of you out there so given I, myself, is included - more power to us dancers!

See you in-world!
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