Chinarut (chinarut) wrote,


I woke up this morning to this:

I swear my experience in thailand is the process of being reborn every day - thanks Mary! :)

She is a wonderful woman living in Morocco championing the Internet to cause a democratic revolution!

What I really need to give credit to her is her willingness to listen to my views of democracy as explained through dance and music - it wasn't easy - first I tried the segregation between music cultures (ie. trance vs house) at Burning Man and a ton of other angles including masculinity vs femininity on the dance floor!

I can't say I succeeded 100% so if any of you other dancers out there want to shed any ideas of how democracy shows up in the world of music and dance, please comment below - we're all ears! can dance your point i suppose...tell me where to meet you if this be the case... :D
Tags: democracy, identity, possibility
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