Chinarut (chinarut) wrote,

Published in the Bangkok Post!

I got published on the front page of our most popular english newspaper, the Bangkok Post!

ok let me modify that - as you can see - the front of the "Database" - the IT section of the paper published once a week every wednesday - this makes me a true uber-geek right? :D

Believe it or not, I'm so virtual out here I have yet to touch the physical paper. A Google Alert told me about it here first: (no longer valid as of June 2, 2008)

I cannot verify at this time whether the print matches this copy.

You might laugh at inaccuracies around Mambo being a wiki. I didn't walk in thinking my presentation was focused on "tag clouds" and had a nice chat with the reporter. I learned how to give up criticism. I took on listening to how I may improve my presentation and be responsible for what others hear. What happened next is I got an invite to be a guest columnist in return!

It's been an exciting last few days and it's spurred a lot of activity including inspiration to get off my ass to put up an official home page

quick disclaimer: this page is designed to make it easy to find me. I had one report of someone sharing with me how difficult it was to sort all the references to me the web - I'm sure many of you can relate :)

I'm still trying to characterize my service so please bear with the rough edges - this action is a big step forward for me in the area of spontaneity. I invite criticism so contact me if you have something to contribute!

Lastly, I want to thank Paola for declaring a mission for the WOICT and being an inspiration to the group. This is proof-of-concept that words create your reality!

Now go create a miracle in the world! ;)
Tags: possibility

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