Chinarut (chinarut) wrote,

let it be

ok - this weekly thing was an experiment in giving myself space and creating some discipline. given that life is not really about the rigor of work - it's no surprise it's become a bit of a chore! :-o

so i'm gonna give up the monday thing and be in touch when i am.

a breakthrough i want to share i am having is in the area of truth - saying things exactly how they are regardless of whether it looks good or not - another way to put it - sharing life how it is and accepting where i am. in particular, giving up that i've done anything wrong.

For those of you who haven't seen me for 4-5 years - I used to be the kinda guy that really wouldn't share in fear of losing face. well - after last night - no more! really want to thank graham, eric, and my cousin, num. for dropping by our party (yes, more on this later) and just be a space for me to share openly - it was awesome. people in your life show up when you speak your truth - this is not a new concept to me - it's just shown up very powerfully seemingly for the first time in Thailand.

more about this new life later - Morn is falling asleep!
Tags: truth
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