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Life is an exploration

Feb. 15th, 2006 11:39 am Toni's got a great smile

[to anyone who got a blip with 2 postings - I really need an HTML based blog poster! at least I'm learning HTML finally though :)]

ok - folks - i've been laggin for any of you who checked in on monday - it was a holiday here and i just didn't want to plug into my computer god dammit! (excuse my language)

this pic is definitely the highlight from the past week. click on it to find out more about how this all came to together - it was quite inspiring!

Toni's got a great smile
Originally uploaded by chinarut.

other happenins:
  • GMail got a cool chat integration feature I got a change to play around with. Kudos to Doug for introducing me to Gmail - there was quite a bit of resistance in the beginning - no more!

  • my back is whacked. I hopped into one of the can trucks here and bumped my head, crouched, and ow! I didn't care about my head - my back is not happy :( it's not too serious and trying to take it easy on the back as much as possible. I may not be as responsive to matters as I usually am this week.

  • morn and I clearly made a mess over the wkd. we made up on valentine's day :) let's just say that when I uttered the exclamation f*ck out of frustration, she mistook it for f*ck you - oops - miscommunication!

  • I reconnected with the only other male Thai burner I know - Yeen! It was very random and it's good to hear he's also working on establishing himself in Thailand. congrats for makin it to your first year! so much more to come...heh..heh.. :P so that makes 3 thai burners in Thailand to date - we're growin!

  • i've got a Second Life cover letter in the works. thank you so much for all the input and support some of you have given me - I haven't been able to touch it since last thu. If you want to help me review my next round of edits, please do let me know!

  • had a good 2nd interview at the VFX startup. My task is to distinguish bottom line vs R&D projects. I'm really glad to hear Xye's real intention is to build a creative playground and research facility in Thailand.

  • we're all look for ole G to drop back into town this week. He's been studying Tai Fu Do for the past 4-5 weeks so I'm sure he'll be rock solid into the ground when he gets here!

  • spending lots of time helping the BM webteam out with evaluating Skype vs Gizmo Project. I've got a bulleted summary of this article if anybody wants it - just give me a holler.

  • my new online cave is taking shape! as some of you know, my computer got hacked into on Friday the 13th (in Jan). I pretty much want to keep this configuration for "research-only" purposes. Anything to keep me focused is a big plus these days.

  • alright - it's wed noonish and it feels like it's monday afternoon. what to do when time feels lost? I'm happy I'm getting through my list of things i'm present to (opposed to a list of things to do!)...until then - take it easy!

    Current Music: Mousa April Mix 2005 - Opencloud

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    Re: Mobile Learning

    Dr. Wasserman - this is *extremely* unprofessional.

    how is your reply on topic with our discussion?