February 6th, 2006

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Another life?

We meet again!
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ok - I bit the bullet - after resisting venturing into online worlds for quite some time (a fear of getting lost - really!) - I really want to thank Evonne for making me realize it's about the people creating the space, what they're up to, and the passion they bring with it. This is just one picture, one view, one snapshot of the beautiful space that represents her and her dreams. To interact with it is an amazing experience that cannot be said in words!

She has already seeded the idea to make Dance Labs unfold in this space and it's really got my noodle going!

First things first, make sure I have a handle on my "real" life :) More details in my next post!

japan, possibility

not in a rush...

hello boys and girls (ladies and gentleman sounds waaaaaay too formal, excuse me if anyone is offended!)

it's been an interesting week and want to keep this short lest I feel I'm always reporting about my life opposed to living it! :-o

so what's happening in my life is related to my last post - Second Life is turning out to be a more fascinating universe (some call it a "metaverse") than I thought. A job opportunity to be an International Liaison popped up since last week! This was a huge cataylst in throwing myself into Second Life and having a look around, meeting the people who make it happen. It's nothing like I've ever seen and it's too soon to make any judgements - I'm impressed and willing to be an early adoptor of sorts as I can really see the potential this technology has for soooooo many things in life.

I interviewed with the VFX startup I spoke about last week and I think my brain is still getting it's hands around the whole concept of being in Hollywood from Thailand. They are doing a great job launching the startup in Thailand and has big plans as to how he wants to move forward. He's given me quite a few options and I'm to follow up again this week to discuss what kind of agreement we're looking to make. I've been pretty busy trying to align my thoughts on VFX, dance, virtual reality, Burning Man, Thailand, and a myriad of other thoughts that come along with the turf. It's been an interesting exercise and it's on me to learn how to communicate this clearly without confusing

Work aside, Morn and I are definitely are having a tough time with our relationship and really glad we had the chance to go out last saturday and meet Jay and his gang. They held a housewarming party/birthday party for our friend Tom, who is an exchange student at one of our largest universities, Thammasat. I met one his classmates, Renee, and was really suprised to hear than Australians think positive things about New Jersey. In case you don't know, New Joisey (yes, that's what we call it.) is not exactly seen in positive light by most Americans esp those who live on the East Coast. It is usually the butt of jokes and sometimes even called the "armpit of America" - not exactly touted as a place you must go by any means! So it was really nice to hear some encouragement that me and my childhood friends have something going for us - maybe I need to visit Australia sooner than I think :) in all honestly, I have some really great memories of New Jersey overall - beaches, haunted houses, amusement parks, malls, it in there!

Paul Van Dyk put on quite the show last week! my only gripe is the lack of room to dance. Sure, I found a spot to dance (eventually) but I really wanted everyone dancing all around me - so much so all I wanted was to be back at a deserted werehouse dance party in Oakland again. I got kinda homesick as some people would say - home being wonderful Radiance parties I've been and helped produce while in San Francisco. That is a culture I'll never forget and how confusing it gets when I feel like there needs to be yet another me to stand for transforming Thailand's dance culture. I don't feel like I have enough energy as is! The positive side to this all is Astra did add a new room to the place, one that looks real classy, has a wood dance floor, and I immediately saw an opportunity to do something new. I'm on a mission to hunt this club owner down and see what's the deal and what plans he has for this place!

oh...a props up to Eric for suggesting we go to dinner at Slim Bo - this restaurant is the bomb - it's vegetarian and they use some of the most amazing soy products I've ever tasted - their duck curry has to be eaten to be believed! to boot the whole experience, they have a fussball table - after 2 years of wandering around Thailand, it was a dream come true! I've been looking for a table, heard a rumor they is one in Kao San, and there it was - right in the middle of downtown! we had a nice energetic game and you bet I'll be back for more! in fact, a game of fussball before hitting the dance floor at RCA sounds like a dandy idea ;-)

ok..this is all I want to write for now - want to thank anyone and everyone in the world for making this possible - I won't feel so open about my life and how great things are (and are not) if it weren't for those of you reading!

the experience of writing this post truly feels natural - the trick is to keep it this way! :D