January 30th, 2006

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ok - first question I have for all you reading - does one need to believe in the medicine you're taking for it to be effective? with all the placebo research I read about - my attempts to believe in western medicine these days seem completely futile - I'm trying so hard! Good news is after 4 weeks of exercising my back with simple leg lifts, there is a noticeable improvement. Not a lot but some. I seem to have inherited some new tender points so my doctor just ordered Arcoxia of course, I'm not a doctor - I can hardly make sense of what's on the web pages I find - help!

So we got our dance groove on again this past Friday! this time it was salsa - a DJ from NYC (my birthplace!) was here and he really got people goin esp when he started playing what sounded like a combination of reggae and hip hop - it was nice! want to send a shout out to Amanda and her gang for showing up!

Dance continues to be a place I am able to explore myself - see what stops me - see what inspires me! Like dancing with someone who just isn't on the beat - I found myself quite impatient and frustrated at first and then realized I could give it up and create a new way to encourage this woman to be on the beat. So I used bigger arm motions - I started changing my feet - I did everything I could! Well - eventually she really started to get it - she had such good intentions - there was no way I could make her wrong for not getting it - she just kept on smiling and telling me in Thai how good I was - I just had to keep a straight face - whew - got through that one! :)

So it's monday (in Thailand) and I gotta make decision what to do this week as I always do. I've been reading my emails - following up on conversations from last week - somehow gotta integrate what I'm present to (my health and well being), what I have planned, following up on promises from last week, and of course, any new aspirations I have - call it a big crucible!

I'm looking for more context to my life. I am invited to look into working in the visual effects (VFX) industry this week and I've brainstormed a lot of ideas around this - where I can be of assistance. It became really interesting once I realized how much I'd love to direct and produce a film one day about the difference dance makes in one's life. Not just another dance documentary - I somehow want to make it different and gee...adding a few visual effects here and there couldn't hurt huh? then I realized there's this online world called Second Life that is really coming alive these days and it occurred to me how much the VFX industry could possibly enhance the whole experience of being online - like bring forth the magic you can really happen like at Burning Man! we're not talking video games boys and girls!

speaking of video games, I hadn't picked up a video game in ages - I was at my friend, Eric's house the other night and we battled each other in a bunch of puzzle games - it so reminded me of one-on-one Tetris for the game boy - who remembers this? George, if you're listening, I'll never forget our battles!

for those of you who continue to wonder what I do with my time, I've been spending some of my time volunteering for the web team that puts together the Burning Man website. This team is a really great group of folks. I'm so glad to find somewhere I can give back to the community - the Internet is the community's presence when 30 to 40 thousand of us are not on the playa. It's been fun trying to hash things out and I'm not so much about the website but rather helping the team connect and encourage Black Rock City (we have a postmark!) citizens to volunteer even if you live afar (like I do in Thailand!) It's a vision that's really important to me and how interesting it was to get an email inviting me to take action against all the telcos threatening the free, public world we appreciate on the Internet! Hell ya I wrote a personal note and I think you should too so click on the link!

In case you're not convinced (I don't give up that easily) - nobody screws around with our presence on the Internet - I have the internet to thank for helping me keep in touch with everyone I know from Germany to Korea to the states! As a American-Thai citizen, I want that channel between Thailand and the United States to stay open. Not every Thai citizen is privileged to take a phone and just call anywhere in the world whenever they want - some in our middle class aren't even aware the Internet allows us to do just that with their sons and daughters who go off to college. The internet is another line of support - I'll even call it life support! It's always there - just reach out when the going gets rough - yes, esp when you think you've gone mad! (yes this really happens!)

on that note, I'm just about done with lunch - Morn was so sweet to have someone deliver food to me while she was out - it's the little things in a relationship that make a difference!

ok - to those of you in BKK this thu nite, look forward to seeing ya at Astra for Paul van Dyk - I'm not ususally one for mega-DJs but I've never seen him live and gotta give him the benefit of the doubt ;-)

dance on!
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