January 23rd, 2006

japan, possibility

cave full of light or darkness?

well - i hope light!

last week with myself has been frustrating at times and englightening at others. so many peeps i'd love to get in touch with and at the end of the day, i hope y'all understand what works for me is posting here and being in touch with you you're wondering what the hell i'm doing - cuz to tell you the truth, i don't have a straight answer for you! just trust i'm gettin ready for my next battle and sorting things out. of course, a phone call or two doesn't hurt - i can go really inward!

so the challenge is this promise i made to myself to share about myself weekly (at minimum) what happened last week is i wrote an entry and decided to post it a week later [along with a call list i have no idea how to manage]. am I refining my thoughts or editing my thoughts? I'd like to say I give up "looking good" at every moment of my life but that's a fallacy (i think)!

well..reality is I haven't eaten lunch yet - and it's like i can't escape the desire to get this post done!

on that note...I'm going to go eat...write more later!