January 16th, 2006

japan, possibility

back to basics

(if not already marked - this is backdated one week. The cave bug in me opted not to post last week n well - now I really feel I should have - so here it is!)

first of all, a belated happy new year to those listening in on this channel! with my new digital camera, Flickr has clearly taken my cake and been my blog of choice!

as life is always choice - I respect words have their way of yielding its own power (thanks Steph for the David Bryne ptr!) and in all honestly, I can't go around with a camera attached to my skull and give you the complete picture - this is where words do a wonderful job!

so there a few changes in my life:
- I've decided to up the ante of finding a new gig and/or job
- I'm going to be primarily *offline* for a few months [how long I haven't decided yet]
- I'm thinking about moving - in particular, downtown BKK

and perhaps not so new:
- life continues to be a mystery - going in directions I never dreamed possible (speaking of dreams, my dreams as of late have been very trippy - so intensely real so far from fantasy!) at some point when the dust settles, I'll get back to my dream journal (hi Kat!)

ok - that's the short story - if you want to read on - you're more than welcome to!

so who remembers when a computer was just something to use, to play with, something to tinker around with - how neat it was to get the computer to do something neat *on its own*?!?

well -that's where I'm at - I'm getting sick of having my computer be on internet and after having my computer hacked in and complete uncertainty on what this individual knows, I might as well assume my identity is stolen and just live with the idea!

so you won't be seeing me on MSN or Skype for awhile however my Skype is set up to call me so for those of you who have "Show Offline Contacts" enabled, you'll see a little phone symbol. This is probably the best way to get in touch with me if you need to talk to me immediately. if it works for you, I prefer it if you call me at home or on my cell.

So where I am in my life right now is I've established myself in Thailand - found people to help me pull by bootstraps up from under me and settled down (to some degree)

Recent trips into the city have changed the idea of "being settled" though - had some amazing dance experiences with a group of farangs (foreigners in Thai) over the wkd - just as I was set to head off on my own and hit breakbeat, I decided to join the gang (thanks Koji for the nudge!) and go to a place called Bed (of course, I could say "go to Bed" but that joke is really old) - I'd been to Bed before when there was a dance floor and was really sad to see the dance floor go - apparently they only have a liquor license and I dunno what possessed them not to get the "dance License" they need - but I'm sure they have their reasons. So last sat nite was really really surprising - we all got to get to know each other over dinner and drinks for a few hours and it made for good ole old fashioned fun!

now, of course, I value the internet and the power it represents - I'm just going to take a bit of a break - some of you know I'm doing everything I can to focus on a bonafide job search.

so..presenting the "turn the Internet off when you're done with it" paradigm. nothing that innovative. the kid in me just loved it when I had the computer to myself :)

ok...back to my story - a good dancing friend of mine, Samantha, named the dance we do "transcend" you may have seen my blog entry earlier or pix I've posted. for some reason, this dance shows up very powerfully with Thai people! I don't know why!

Bua (means "Lotus" in Thai) and I had a wonderful dance together and it spurred all kinds of neat energy! Her boyfriend, jay (who is quite the lad i must say) joined us and he was courageous enough to just play around with a connected dance with me - I just love guys who give up all their homophobic notions (come on - we are guys!) for the sake of just playing around with it - I love it when this happens - they are clearly some of the memorable (hi Fielding if you're listening!)

all in all, want to send a shout out to Amanda and her whole gang - she's got such wonderful people all around her and it was a pleasure to meet you all if I haven't mentioned you specifically.

okey doke...that's all I want to write for now - be in touch with you soon!

ps. hello to all of you listening from afar - it's been so nice to chat with many of you over Skype and feel like you're the friend next door I never knew! what ever happened to the chat on the phone with your friend until you wanted to hop on your bike and go see them? *sigh*