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hello everyone!!! David, a dancin friend of mine I met in BKK inspired me to post another mini-update to y'all!

life has been a bit of a whirlwind - for those of you who don't know - it's my playa (as in burning man) given nickname - I don't remember how it all happened - it's umm..just like a whirlwind coming at you - it just happens!

some of you know that Morn's mom passed away and this a really challenging time for Morn to be with our baby. I've been keeping in touch with her and really glad she's taking it quite well and safe with her whole family in Surin (eastern side of Thailand)

many of you have been asking me why I didn't choose to go with her. well - the short story is she insisted I stay last thursday night. As she left on her trip, I never seen her any brighter being the true spirit she is! I wanted to let her be with the choice she made and we parted on loving terms with smiles on our faces.

Of course, we're all human being with each of our choices. we hardly loose sight of each other over the past 2 years and we're adjusting to the space we've created for each other. what's done is done and we can't change it. Morn is about to have a baby and i'm packed and ready to shoot off to surin on a moment's notice!

a special thanks to everyone reading this journal and keeping in touch with me in a unique way - i do my best to return all the personal, thoughtful emails many of you write to us and invite you to comment and experience a whole new way of communicating - one that is open with the world!

life is dealing tough cards for us now and i'm doing my best to cope with every unexpected moment - it was a special request of mine that our baby (talay) be a miracle in life [not that it ever would be otherwise] and it goes without saying - there's no telling where our future goes in the next week or so! one day at a time...

Morn will be calling me this afternoon after she speaks with her doctor - good news is the baby has *just* started turning - we've been told to give it another 2 days and maybe we don't have to a have a c-section this thursday afterall.

we're sending you lots of love and a virtual hug to all those who i met over my 2 day excursion into the city over the wkd - so many new faces!

take care!
Tags: baby, love, talay, unexpected
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