Chinarut (chinarut) wrote,

Life is a merry go round...

For those of you who are wondering - no baby yet (thus no new pictures)! Doctor says Oct 25th at the latest - we missed my mom's request our baby be a full moon baby this past tue :)

It's been an interesting last 2 weeks - I lost my contract at the university and been taking this time to rest and take care of Morn (we both got sick shortly afterwards)

Admitedlly, I was sad for a few days and then realized how great it's been to just decompress, appreciate what progress I did make, and take a fresh new look at my life - wow...that was 2 weeks ago - my perspective of life has shifted somewhat!

I decided to catch up with the times and continue down the route I was going with the university with implementing CMMI with Trac ... some how this led to an application called Writely which blew me away and not too soon after found myself in a plethora of applications dubbed under the Web 2.0 buzz that's going around. Yes...there's a lot of markety talk out there but it's definitely no longer a concept and very real!

NextAction proves how easy it is to tote a dynamic web application (complete with the DB) with you whether you're connected to the net or not- it's like the best of both worlds. Of course, the candy here is the killer app (IMHO) based on David Allen's Getting Things Done workflow process which I'm now 2 1/2 years in the running and champion here in Thailand in my free time (amonst other things!)

It's really clear to me after resisting web development for quite some time, I'm going back to my developer/programmer roots and well, with the advent of TrimJunction (which NextAction is based on) it comes with a refreshing view - software transformation stared me eye to eye this morning! way to go in simplifying the web development environment for the purpose of prototyping!

Day by day, life is a miracle, dreams come true, ingenious tools built by the love of developers continue to land in my hands. I'm now fully entrenched in the open-source movement and there is no doubt at this very moment, I'm a closet "circuit rider" in Thailand and just coming out.

Now comes the tough part, I'm to stand as someone who assists organizations here in developing solid infrastructure based on technology I believe in. My task is to do it well and reputably, be straight with people as to where I stand, and most importantly, come from my heart and communicate with power - this is where I'm quite reflective at the moment - so easily to see where I'm not!

On the flip side of things, what I see as a dad in my neighborhood the other day:

[still in my phone - just picture an overhead crosswalk with telephone wires going *through* the concrete stairwell on one side of the street]

That's right - the wires were not removed or pushed to the side, they poured concrete around the wires...a safety nightmare! This gives new meaning to the term "workaround"! :-o's just about time for me to signoff and give my back a rest and be with Morn. yes, I went hyperlink crazy in this entry previewing Flock, yet another browser giving a new twist on your future - while I'm still a loyal Camino devotee...ask me in a few weeks (or maybe months given the baby is due any second now!)...they have lots of innovative ideas I wish to try.

Just enabled my mini to use Skype so feel free to call me anytime if you want to chat about biz, technology, family, thailand, what have you - be happy to hear from you!

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